“Hatchet” may have saved a life

Michael Auberry, the 12-year old who was separated from his Boy Scout Troop during a camping trip and was recently found alive and well may have been helped by a book: “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen. Lessons in the book, which is about a boy who survives for over 50 days in the wilderness after a plane crash, may have aided Michael, says his father.
If ever there was a good reason to read, it’s this: it might just save your life.

3 thoughts on ““Hatchet” may have saved a life

  1. Well, Jaye, if I’ve gained any insight from your blog, you have the “how to survive a vampire attack” market cornered. And if anyone publishes my novel which is currently making the rounds I should have the “how to survive getting stabbed by a nail” thing pretty well sewn up. (And yes, someone in my book gets stabbed with nails… don’t ask…)

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