Best laid plans, and all that…

TV.bmpTonight begins a brave new adventure. Tonight is the night my television dies. Well, not dies. Gets very sick and weak. But not truly dead. Tonight is the night that I put away the remote and pick up the keyboard and begin typing the new novel I have been working on. I write everything out long-hand first, so I have to type the friggin’ thing, and to do that, I have retired television on weeknights. I’m somewhat of a TV addict, so this is kind of a big deal to me. And by “somewhat” I mean “definitely.” And by “definitely” I mean “definitely a really huge.”
Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Best laid plans, and all that…

  1. Matt-Thanks for the support. I’ll send you a pair of wire cutters after work.
    Jaye-I have a Tivo. In fact I just upgraded it (the hard drive was making sound like marbles being flushed down a toilet) so that I doubled my capacity from a 40-hour unit to an 80-hour unit, so I’m jazzed. So I sort of feel like the junkie who’s got a brand new hypodermic, polished and shiny. It looks so nice, but I’m trying hard not to use it.

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