Steve Erickson

Steve Erickson is one of the few writers that I read and reread on a regular basis. It’s really unfortunate that I do that because he always makes me emulate him and I can’t write as well as he can, so I get frustrated and disappointed in myself. What I admire most is his complete, emotional honesty and his ability to use that to over-ride other elements which might otherwise distract a reader. So wrapped up am I in his character’s stripping away of their self-protective barriers that time-shifts, changes in POV and dislocation from space and time all become irrelavant. And I don’t mean to sound like those are weaknesses in his writing that he ignores-they are intentional and controlled, and they make his writing like a fevered dream where you know that logically you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing, but you enjoy it anyway.
I’m always amazed at his controlled abandon. I just recently read Days Between Stations, his first published novel, and came across a listing for him in Wikipedia which said that he had been writing for years before he finally published that. When he did, he destroyed all of his earlier work. I can’t help but wonder what pieces were caught up in the smoke as those pages burned. What other fevered dreams drifted away. I think we all may have inhaled some of them, those pieces of smoke, or at least I did. Maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to his work.
Anyway, here are two good interviews with Mr. Erickson.
LA City Beat’s article
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