Pynchon on the brain

I’m apparently Pynchon fixated at the moment.
The New York Times has a tiny piece describing the hidden author’s attempts to aid Ian McEwan who is being sued for plagarism (his book “Atonement” apparently bears some striking resemblances to a 1977 memoir.
Mr Pynchon’s letter to the court on Mr. McEwan’s behalf: “For Mr. McEwan to have put details from one of them to further creative use,” the letter, which was posted on The Telegraph’s Web site, says, “acknowledging this openly and often, and then explaining it clearly and honorably, surely merits not our scolding, but our gratitude.”
This goes, I think, hand in hand with another recent NYTimes article about bibliographies in fiction (more on that later) and I’m not really suprised that a writer like Mr. Pynchon would be interested in defending another writer’s research and use, given his obviously massive research and use of historical fact (even when pushed to unhistorical territory).

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