My published work

Updated September 8, 2009
My novel, Numb, is forthcoming from Harper Perennial (July 2010).
My short story “Building an Elephant” won the first annual Fulton Prize from The Adirondack Review.
Some short-shorts can be seen at Fictionaut.
I am a regular contributor to Popmatters.
The Houses in Their Backs was published in The Cafe Irreal
“The Candles are on the Cake” appeared at Uber.
“Off the Wall” appeared in WORDS, and can be readhere.
“The Phrenologist’s Collection” appeared at Bossa Nova Ink.
“Talking Down the Flames” was entered into Jason Evans’ “Endless Hour” contest. I am pleased to have won second place. I won second place a second time with “Reversal.”